It Shouldnt be like this….

It shouldn’t be like this….

Imagine being placed on this planet to only then be abandoned by the ones that brought you here
Imagine the suffering caused by not having parents or a stable family to fall back on
Imagine the consequences of trauma in the brain from repeated ordeals
Imagine special holidays alone,
Holidays that are designed to bring people together but they only make you feel more alone.
Imagine your birthday a day all about you, falling on a fathers day and not to long after that comes the anniversary of your mothers death
Imagine being able to relate to everyone but no one able to relate to you and your story.
Imagine suffering immensley all the while having the urge to help every other human on this planet
Imagine carrying the burdens of your life alone because talking about them means your placing your hurt onto those unable to deal with their emotions.
Imagine being in a world of empaths but seldomly coming accross an empath with an expanded birds eye view empathy like yours
Imagine the irony in sitting with someone you’re paid to support while they cry that they’re all alone this holiday and you’re the one that must keep the brave face and be their rock to prevent them from drowning in their lonliness on this day but you go back home to no-one.
Imagine the loneliness in giving this world so much of your love
but you’ve yet to expeirience the love you have provided to so many.
Imagine being so strong but on a day like today a Christmas day you have an overwhelming sensation to kill yourself because the pain is triggered so deeply but you can’t tell anyone because they’re celebrating this special day with their loved ones
Imagine being in a world alone where people talk at you constantly but very rarely do they see the person behind your ears of patience
Imagine being used to have the problems of others dumped onto you and the constant ego expressing itself to you , so it can be seen,imagine your patience being taken advantage of so that others can be seen and heard.
Imagine living in a society of consumerism where orginal meanings of this holiday is religious but it has all been distorted and manipulated by capitalism and imagine yesterday you were fine because you could see it for what it really is and you did.the right thing you had a plan for this day, this day that makes you feel like the loneliest person on this earth and even though you can see the illusion of it all your plans fell through and your reminded that you have no where to go or anyone to talk to about this pain

Imagine trying to ignore Christmas but feeling every ounce of  the collective togetherness energy flowing in from all over the world while you sit alone……. again, begging things would go back to normal quickly so you could feel less damaged but here you are alone because theres no one, absolutely no one that can take this kind of hurt away in your deeply cut scars and every year you try ,you try to tell yourself its just another day
but when this day comes you’re reminded.of the betrayal of being placed on this earth only to be abandoned by the death of all the people that could of given you a sense of home

And imagine having a full knowing that it shouldn’t be like this a realization you’ve had because you witnness everyday it’s not like this for others. Danger Island

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