Here goes…

HOLY CUNT ! Ive just jumped back into this timeline, over the last fews days I have been researching and emailing a tonne of organisations in India who help survivors of human trafficking , I am firmly planted in my dream lifestyle of working 6 months in Australia and living six months a year volunteering in India and travelling.

Today I received an email from an organisation based in Australia and Kolkata , India, most organisations are very selective with who they allow into their facilities, they require people with the right skill set and part of the application process is to answer a questionnaire about your skill set and experience, so naturally I had to look with in to see if I’m really able to do this yet so I took trip down memory lane looking at my life experience, working in Perth over the last 3 years and the work ive done in New Zealand over the last 6months and I ALSO ASKED FOR A SIGN not to long after asking for my sign I managed to remember my password for my website, which I have been trying to remember since I arrived in New Zealand , so I logged back in after 4 years since I created it and I discovered what I had written in my personal profile blurb on wordpress (see picture below) WOW! So here I am still on the journey I embraked on after I left Mark ( my ex husband) and pre Rodney ( my lover aka catalyst in the Philippines) It has been an insane four years , I had set out on a journey with the idea of writing this blog , finding my creative outlet and I was playing with this idea of changing my name to Freckles Ha – Ha! So minus wanting to change my name to Freckles ( btw i found the most suited name change ) I wanted to create my life completely and thats exactly what I have done , just not in the way I had ever imagined though in every each way I have lived through intention. So much has happened and theres no way i could share it all but my aim for this blog is so that i can write freely , my writing can be all over the place because thats exactly who I am, I am constantly growing and expanding and letting go of every inch of fear to live as freely as possible and straight from my essense.

I have a best friend name Jen and we create amazing things together🙌

This is me wholey here , this is my voice and this is my expeirience💕

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