I believe that our human experience is all in our brain and we can create whatever pathway we choose, I believe in stripping back the layers of self with self exploration, healing our wounds and transmuting our stories into our super powers.I believe our goal is to reach alignment with in ourselves and making the choice to explore this world with our unlimited potential and feeling into and operating from the core energy which lays with ourselves, this being LOVE.I live a life in balance, my base is Perth, Western Australia, I will share with you stories past and present of my life’s journey, my travels and how I live my life in full circle of working in service.I share my collaboration work with http://www.destinyreflection.org , I am deeply drawn to working with survivors of human trafficking so I combine this with my soul connection to India by working with Destiny Reflection in Kolkata , India for 3 months of every year. I believe change is possible for every human on this planet,

My name is Nicky and this is my journey……………………………..wp-1558077087930.jpg





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